Aromatherapy Essential Oils Help Love And Friendship

The Six Best Essential Oils For Love And Friendship

It constitutes our emotional care. Considered the home of the heart and mind, it is the principal source of sensitive awareness, and the root emotions of joy and love! There are many commonly used essential oils that are of potential benefit for relating to others. While the emphasis is on oils that help relationships of a romantic nature, these essential oils can help in all relationships.

Here are six of the most renowned aromatics for enhancing joy and love:

  1. Jasmine is traditionally considered a fertility herb; it is a powerful aphrodisiac.
  2. Ylang ylang oil is also an aphrodisiac, and it also has euphoric properties closely intertwined, its flowers strewn on the beds of Indonesian newlyweds.
  3. Patchouli oil is another sexual tonic that originates from Southeast Asia. It may be used by those whose work involves a high degree of pressure and mental strain, and it will help a person to relax for intimate moments. The scent is musky and earthy.
  4. Cardamon oil like patchouli, more earth than firealso enhances a desire for intimacy. It is suited to those who are afraid of losing their self-identity.

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