How Do You Use Rosemary Oil For Hair

How Do You Use Rosemary Oil For Hair

If you have tendencies toward high blood pressure, are pregnant, or have epilepsy or seizures, do not use rosemary oil. Otherwise, yes, one or two drops in your shampoo is fine. I use Suaves tropical coconut conditioner and it already has a little bit of rosemary essential oil in it, so I dont use any more than whats in there. Rosemary oil is mostly known for hair growth and for controlling dandruff a bit.

Dont put too much rosemary oil in your products. I made the mistake of taking a shower at night and using a drop or something in my no-poo solution for that one shampoo (I can usually use a drop of something, anything at all, and it doesnt bug me) and I had THE hardest time sleeping because my heart was racing from the rosemary oil. It was terrible. That pretty much convinced me that even if something is natural, it can be pretty potent and you cant just mix stuff together without knowing anything about it.

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