Top Five Essential Oils For Romance

Combined with a sensual massage, essential oils induce romance both through inhalation and sensual touch. Rose Essential Oil for Love Rose is perhaps the most popular essential oil for love; rose has been prized for centuries by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, particularly in the quest for love. Cleopatra of Egypt and Josephine Bonaparte of France are just two historical figures who were known to use rose, in one form or another, to seduce lovers. Rose essential oil is a base note oil, so use little for maximum effect; pure rose essential oil is expensive, anything less is probably a substitute or an adulterated rose oil. Combine rose oil in a massage lotion or oil or add a few drops to a romantic bath. Patchouli Essential Oil for Romance Patchouli has commonly been used as perfume base, since its introduction to Europe from the Far East in the 1800s; it became popular in the hippie era of the 1960s when it was frequently used as an incense. Patchouli essential oil is also a base note oil and may be too heavy for some people; however, it possesses aphrodisiac properties so is capable of inducing romance. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil for Weddings Ylang Ylang is another exotic essential oil used for love and romance; in Indonesia, the flowers of Ylang Ylang are laid out on the bed of the bride and the groom, in an attempt to stimulate passion. Ylang Ylang essential oil is also used as a tonic to help overcome sexual difficulties, in addition to its aphrodisiac properties. Ylang Ylang is a lighter oil than rose and patchouli. Neroli Essential Oil for Brides Neroli, or orange blossom, has been used in weddings for centuries for its aphrodisiac properties; Victorian brides wore a sprig of neroli in their head dress and carried neroli in the bridal bouquet in an attempt to calm nerves and stimulate romance on the wedding night! Neroli essential oil is often adulterated so be sure to choose pure neroli oil for true aphrodisiac effects. Sandalwood Essential Oil for Seduction Sandalwood is known for its meditative and relaxing properties, but it is also an aphrodisiac oil; sandalwood is used frequently as a fixative in many perfumes.

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