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Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Essential oils can be used for a variety of purposes. Chamomile and Lavender essential oils, in particular, are excellent when caring for dry, burned or otherwise damaged skin. As a home remedy, it is important to only use these oils for topical purposes, and only on skin that is damaged on the […]

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essential oils application techniques

Essential oils application techniques Pure aromatherapy essential oils have a broad range of healing benefits. How you apply these essential or aromatherapy oils has an effect on the healing capacity. Except for a select few, essential oils should not be applied neat or pure to the skin. Standard dilution is two and a half percent […]

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essential oils safety information

Essential Oils safety information Essential oils should be used with caution. Just like with any medicine, essential oils can be harmful if they are not used carefully or properly. The followings are brief guide and the use of essential oils safety information together with carrier oils:   Exercise care when purchasing essential oils as there […]

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organic essential oils

Organic essential oils Currently many companies claim to provide products that offer organic essential oils. In order for a company to officially describe their products as organic, they are required to meet standards that are outlined by the USDA. Though, the USDA does not also have the hardest set of standards to meet, as others […]

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essential oils usage techniques

Essential oils usage technique: Micro-diffusion The quickest and best essential oils usage technique of receiving the advantages of pure essential oils is through inhalation via micro-diffusion. Its been found effective for their airborne antiseptic activity, especially the ones that contain monoterpenes; a compound believes to have cancer prevention and treatment properties. Theyd be our first […]

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rosemary oil uses

Rosemary Oil uses From your kitchen to your rest room, this famous Rosemary Oil culinary herb from the Mediterranean not only makes your dishes a splendid banquet, but is also preferential, healthy oil that is good for the body. From the traditional times, this herb has been utilized in the interests of beauty and religion. […]

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