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Aromatherapy Ayurvedic Incense

Aromatherapy Ayurvedic Incense Aromatherapy and Ayurveda are two natural restorative healing techniques utilized in treating an array of illness. As aromatherapy specializes in the effective use of essential oils, Ayurvedic treatment is a comprehensive remedial solution and values employed for many thousands of years concerning the collective use of psychological, physical and spiritual therapy elements. […]

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aromatherapy stress management technique

Aromatherapy Stress Management Technique Stress is affecting the body, lowers the immune response, slows body function and may lead to significant physical, psychological or emotional disequilibrium. It has effects on work performance as well as relationships. Our body can adapt to stress but if the strain is lengthened, not mitigated and continuous, cortisol would in […]

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essential oils application techniques

Essential oils application techniques Pure aromatherapy essential oils have a broad range of healing benefits. How you apply these essential or aromatherapy oils has an effect on the healing capacity. Except for a select few, essential oils should not be applied neat or pure to the skin. Standard dilution is two and a half percent […]

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aromatherapy and cure for insomnia

Aromatherapy and cure for insomnia There aren’t many things more exasperating than suffering from insomnia. After a very long day of realizing whatever life has put in front of us, we want to unwind then slip into bed to have a pleasant, quality and relaxing sleep. If you regularly pass the time tossing and turning […]

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aromatherapy sinusitis treatment

Aromatherapy sinusitis treatment The Sinuses are found near the nasal cavities and the ear. Infection can pass through quite simply into the sinuses from mouth, nose and throat along the mucous surface lining. The ensuing redness is known as Sinusitis. Suffering from chronic Sinusitis can be debilitating. This article discusses on using of pure and […]

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