organic essential oils

Friday, July 1st, 2011 by sutradmin

organic essential oils

Organic essential oils

Currently many companies claim to provide products that offer organic essential oils. In order for a company to officially describe their products as organic, they are required to meet standards that are outlined by the USDA. Though, the USDA does not also have the hardest set of standards to meet, as others e.g. the CCOF Global and IFOAM generally have tougher criteria to meet to gain authentication. For instance, traditional farming strategies regularly involve the utilization of chemical pesticides and other related products, but they cannot be given to plants that are designated for the production of organic oils.

Of course, this also suggests that chemicals cant be used to treat the soil of these plants either. Additionally, if chemicals have been employed in soil, a set quantity of time has to pass before the soil can be used to grow the organic plants, this is to make sure that there is no residue left.


Organic essential oils is more expensive

Most aromatherapists prefer to use organic essential oils in their clinical treatments since they believe organic oils have more healing power and vitality than conventional essential oils.

Firms that produce natural products use natural manure and pesticides to grow their plants instead of utilizing chemical products to develop rich crops. Though, when using these means to form organic essential oils, more energy, time, and money is needed to exploit these natural techniques. As a consequence, these organic oils will be more costly than traditional oils, such as those that claim to be organic but arent certified. Though, you can realize why firms try and get by making claims to be organic when they really are not.

Anyhow, because plants and soil can absorb chemicals that have been applied to them, people who eat food or use products that were made from these plants can have these chemicals passed on to them.

Fruit trees which have been sprayed with insecticides, some of which essential oils are created from, have fruit that absorb the pesticide and are polluted as a consequence.


Get organic essential oils

Using organic essential oils is convenient since you can incorporate it in cooking, shower of other topical applications the likes of whole body massage. Grab this version of oils to reap the full benefits of aromatherapy. The organic version are free from contamination since damaging chemicals arent utilized.


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