sandalwood essential oil mind, body and soul aromatherapy

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sandalwood essential oil – mind, body and soul aromatherapy

Sandalwood Essential Oil Mind, Body and Soul Aromatherapy

Sandalwood essential oil is valued for its scent in perfumery and for its therapeutic effects. Sandalwood tree is evergreen, growing to a height of nine meters, with leathery leaves and tiny purple flowers. Local to southern tropical Pacific Rim, the tree is parasitic, gaining its nutriments from one of one or two other tree species. As it can only be grown this way and due to its allegedly stern set of environmental conditions, Sandalwood is difficult to spread. To further contribute towards the problem of effective cultivation, Sandalwood takes about thirty years to age prior to yielding oil of any value.

Aromatherapy Stress Management Technique

Sandalwood essential oil is most frequently distilled from the wood of Sandalwood tree, using the heartwood of the roots produces the best quality. Sandalwood oil is light yellow, greenish or brownish liquid with woody, balsamic, sweet along with a little musky smell. You will find a couple of variations available with Santalum album is regarded as the most vital therapeutically.

Sandalwood Essential Oil for Mind, Body and Soul

Sandalwood oil is probably most well-known in the west as a natural, woody, sweet body scent or as a familiar smell in many cosmetics, aftershaves and such like. In the east, Sandalwoods signification in cultural and religious customs cannot be overstated. The wood is carved into furniture, non secular icons, burned as incense in a big selection of rites. For the meditative yogi, the oil and incense inspire a tranquil mental condition, supporting alignment of the individual with the universal self.

Aromatherapy Stress Management Technique

Within the regular Indian medication program of Ayurveda, Sandalwood essential oil is valued for its capability to chill the fire of pitta. It is indicated for inflaming conditions, e.g. inflamed skin, or abdominal and genitor-urinary conditions that require cooling. Contemporary aromatherapy considers the Sandalwood oil a great skin treatment agent for dry skin, general irritation and acne; it can aid in instances of bronchitis, catarrh, dry determined coughs, laryngitis and sore throat; it may relieve diarrhoea and revulsion, and could be supportive in instances of cystitis.

Psychologically, Sandalwood oil is a superb tonic for the hyper-active mind. In practical terms, the oil is viewed as an anti-depressant thru its ability to relieve hot, anxious mental states, and to assist in release from over-thinking and worry.

Sandalwood Oil Recipes and UsesSandalwood Oil

Suggested Sandalwood essential oil blends for calming the mind by way of general massage, reflexology, or applied to pulse points and temples are:

  • Obsessive thinking: Add 4 drops of Sandalwood oil and two drops of Vetiver into 1 tablespoon of carrier;
  • Detached analytical state: Mix 3 drops of Geranium, two drops Sandalwood oil and one drop Patchouli in one tablespoon of carrier oil.

These mixes may also be utilized in a diffuser by excluding the carrier oil. For an excellent scent with relaxing qualities, mix 3 parts Sandalwood oil and 2 parts Vanilla oil which create a superb tropical island odour.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Enhances with Age

Sandalwood essential oil is among the few of essential oils which will enhance with age. Because of enhancing demand, the oils price is climbing noticeably every year it is sensible to purchase a bit more than you suspect you will require as storing it for a period of time will only lead to richer oil.

Mind, Body, and Soul Aromatherapy


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