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essential oils making fragrances

Crafting Fragrances With Essential Oils And Carrier Oils

Make Your Own Fragrances With Essential Oils And Vodka Perfume can be crafted at home. Yours may not smell exactly like the exotic whiffs from expensive brands, but there’s satisfaction in doing it yourself and saving some cash. It’s not difficult to concoct your own perfume. For some, the process is downright addictive. The primary […]

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essential oils safety information

Essential Oils safety information Essential oils should be used with caution. Just like with any medicine, essential oils can be harmful if they are not used carefully or properly. The followings are brief guide and the use of essential oils safety information together with carrier oils:   Exercise care when purchasing essential oils as there […]

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carrier oils

Carrier Oils Aromatherapy essential oils are very concentrated and strong. If applied undiluted, it could have adverse impact on skin. Although you will find some essential oil exceptions that can be utilized directly on the skin, it’s best to thin down essential oils with carrier oil.   Vegetable Origin Carrier Oils Carrier oil is also […]

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